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San Jose (Cambrian Park/Campbell), California
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Camden High School
This website is donated, created and maintained by volunteers who are graduates of the former Camden High School in Cambrian Park, California situated near the town of Campbell in the San Jose metropolitan area. The school has been closed and most of the buildings demolished, although a small portion has been turned into a community center and park.

The alumni have created an open discussion for monthly news updates with a revived Cougar's Tales electronic school paper; organize annual "all-year" reunions; and have placed a public display case containing Camden memorabilia in the entrance of the former campus gymnasium. All of these activities and services are free, and open to all students, faculty and staff of Camden, and to their friends and families.

The purpose of this website is to serve as a jumping off place for finding information on our former high school and its Alumni. Listed below are links to other websites some of which contain pictures of the old school and past reunions. The links on the side are for your convenience in finding the most often asked for information. Please note that clicking on any links on this page will take you to another website and you will have to press your browser's back button, or type in to return to this site. Please bookmark us for your convenience.

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