This is an annual event always held on the last Saturday in July Rain or Shine!

Camden Life Activity Center

(The old campus behind Camden Plaza, off Union)

12-4 Official hours

Come and stay the day or just "drop-by"

(9ish to whateverish unofficial for set-up,

cleanup and extra fun)


COST: Free, of course!

Donations will be accepted to pay for photocopies and other minor expenses, but our GOAL is for this to be a free event.

This is a potluck or picnic, your choice ....also close places to eat at the Camden center next door.  If you decide to bring something for the potluck, please make it finger food, like chips & dip, chicken, crab legs or lobster. BBQ's available. If you don't want to bring a potluck plate or picnic, there are several food places in the shopping center.

Please do not bring any ALCOHOL BEVERAGES, as they are not allowed on the premises.

OTHER ITEMS TO BRING: CAMDEN memorabilia like yearbooks and any other stuff you would like to share; sunblock, canopies, blankets or lawn chairs to sit on; soccer balls, frisbees and other toys; or running shoes for those who want to conquer what's left of "THE HILL."

You might want to bring hats or a shade items as there is little shade and it will probably be hot at mid-day.


Music: Dancin' DJ Rich Campbell - Camden Alumni has generously donated his time and talent to entertain us with musical memories from our past!..

They are not making any more Camden Graduates. We are an endangered species in limited numbers. If you ever were curious about what was left of the old school, what ever happened to your class mates, or just wanted a fun afternoon that was free and entertaining at a familiar place, come by for a look before all evidence of the old school is gone...No one is gettin' any younger folks.

For more information you can check out and then click on
Reunion, AYR.

Or you can contact me, Carmen Winters Rous '67 @ 408-578-5892.

If you know of someone who is not on one of our websites, please pass this on to them.

If you want to get there earlier you can help set tables and canopies or stay a little later and help tear down.